venerdì 23 novembre 2007


Saturday 8th "The Immaculate Saturday", dischi della Madonna allnightlong!

Last week the party has been overoveroverovercrowded. The very last 45 has been spinned at quarter to 7 in the morning. Thanks everybody!
And very special THANKS to our fantastic dancing girls, our powerful, beautiful, marvellouse Soulfulettes who really amazed everybody with their great show! Soon you'll see the pics!

1st December don't miss the SOULFULETTES debut. Our tree amazing girls will take you back directly into sixty afroamerican ways to dance: Boogaloo, Hully Gully, Mashed Potatoes, Pony, Wobble, Twist, Hand Jive... They're really after James Brown and his shakin' hibs and they twist like the Ikettes..

we can't wait! Woooooooh! Goshhhhhhhhhh! Joshhhhhhhhhh!

lunedì 12 novembre 2007

Saturday 17th Novembre LOVELY VALENTINA @ Dancing Soulful Saturday - Magazzino Di Giancarlo - Murazzi left side - Torino

Thanks again everybody who came at the birthday bash and made it a great party!
The Next Soulful Saturday at Magazzino Di Giancarlo will be 17th November with Special Guest DJ LOVELY VALENTINA


Click on the label and go to the MySpace of the OLS bar!

giovedì 8 novembre 2007

venerdì 2 novembre 2007

APERITIF EXPO - Moonspell Cafè - Tuesday 6 November OOBLE DOOBIE INVASION

The Fabolous Ooobiedoobie's at The Aperitif Expo.
Inauguration: 6th November H 20:00 Don't miss it!